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[Fire/Earth] Elementalist PvP Condition Build

en By Spartan0671 on August 27, 2012 8:05 PM , in pvp
Weapon Skills
Dagger & Dagger
Dragon's Claw Drake's Breath Burning Speed Ring of Fire Fire Grab Vapor Blade Cone of Cold Frozen Burst Frost Aura Cleansing Wave
Lightning Whip Lightning Touch Shocking Aura Ride the Lightning Updraft Impale Ring of Earth Magnetic Grasp Earthquake Churning Earth
Utility Skills
Glyph of Elemental Harmony Signet of Fire Arcane Shield Arcane Wave Tornado

This build focuses on getting into the fray with fire spec. Hit them with your fire signet. Slide in with Burning Speed, pop Ring of Fire and then Fire Grab. Smash them with Arcane Blast. Switch to earth spec, open with your 2 skill, then pop your knockback while attempting to channel your fifth skill. Sorry the names escape me at the moment.

This ideally will deal some good damage with bleed/burn over time while still dealing some decent burst with your spells as is. I'm trying to find the best utility skills for this build, Arcane Shield will give you some tankiness to offset the burst available to warriors/thiefs, another possibility is the Earth signet for the immobilize and some increased toughness.

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[Fire/Earth] Elementalist PvP Condition Build

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Maline's Forum Avatar
By Maline September 13, 2012

Sigils, runes, amulet and jewel?

Foizle's Forum Avatar
By Foizle September 5, 2012

What runes and sigils do you use?

Fire Magic : 30 {III, VI, VII}
Earth Magic : 30 {IV, VI, VIII}
Arcane Power : 10 {VI}

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