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Hammer/Rifle Warrior WvW

en By Arbalestc on June 15, 2012 2:50 PM , in wvw
Weapon Skills
Hammer Rifle
Hammer Swing Fierce Blow Hammer Shock Staggering Blow Backbreaker Bleeding Shot Aimed Shot Volley Brutal Shot Rifle Butt
Utility Skills
Mending Throw Bolas Stomp Signet of Might Battle Standard

This is what I ran pretty much everywhere in game except sPVP. The traits are what I plan to build.

Ill explain each trait choice in order left to right, top to bottom.

Great forititude: as you see I have no point in tactics which means no bonus health from that. So as the trait says 5% of my power becomes that bit of health for survival. Another reason for this is that I like damage and since the Warrior already has a high base health I went more into defense.

Berserker's Power: For damage, the other traits available do not benefit my damage output as I will not be falling, I only have 1 physical damage dealing utility, and my heal I chose usually covers conditions put upon me.

Short Temper: I have a short temper when I hear that annoying block sound...frustrates me. SO! Why not unleash my anger after that said enemy is down with blocking.

Rending Strikes: I will be criting pretty often, and vulnerability with decrease there armor to increase my damage on normal attacks and more when I crit.

Gun Mastery: Now for you melee warrior cry babies who complain so much about not having any use cause you want to be in melee range. Learn to adapt! This trait is a must have when using a rifle. I played WvW plenty and never had an issue fighting or felt I was useless. 

Turtle's Defense: This is for survivability. With 20 points in defense you are gonna be a tough nut to crack. Why not make it even harder for them to kill you by adding 200 toughness when they CC you. The defense also increases bonus healing to your heal ability. 

Blunt Weapon Master: The hammer is strong! Haven't used it yet? You missed out. This build already has plenty of CC. Now with 15% cooldown reduction. Now you can CC more often. 


I chose Mending because I don't like long cooldowns, and it get rid of 2 conditions. It's 2 for the price of one. You get healed and break their cripples, poisons, and pretty much whatever condition they apply. Remember though you can't heal while stunned or any of those annoying abilities the render you unable to cast ablities.

Throw Bolas: pretty sure every warrior uses this thing. It's great! Let the range classes complain about it all they want. They can kite all day. This ability levels the playing field.

Stomp I chose for its aoe CC knockdown, but sometimes I switch it out for bull's charge depending on how I am fealing. If you feel you need another gap closer get bull's charge it is still a great skill. 

Signet of might is for more damage and to help add a bit more to that Berserker's power trait. 

Lastly I chose the Battle Standard for my elite to add a little extra support to my team. Unless the Devs come out with some better Elite in WvW for the warrior Im choosing this. 


I am Arbalestc from EPIC.

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Hammer/Rifle Warrior WvW

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chuckes79's Forum Avatar
By chuckes79 June 15, 2012

Nice, straightforward soldier build.  Takes advantage of the warriors natural attributes.

Probably should have put it under PvE since it's your "all purpose" build, but that's just a matter of personal taste.

With cripshot and knockdown daze on the hammer, isn't bolas a bit of a wasted skill?  Yeah you can catch kiters but you really aren't doing your job in WvW if you are constantly playing "Dog, The Bounty Hunter".

Strength : 30 {III, IV, V}
Arms : 20 {V, VII}
Defense : 20 {II, XII}

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