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PvE/PvP Condition Mesmer

en By Fearius Black on September 3, 2012 1:28 PM , in pvp
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Hello Guys,

this is a Build that I made up. There are a few points which I would change based on situations. Like on specific boss mechanics or pvp focus. But the general Idea should be catched by watching this build.

My Idea of this Mesmer Build was kinda like Dotting and Buffing. With this Build I intend to be able to PvE and PvP. For PvE I intend to put up some dots, spawn 2  warlock phantasms and 1 mage. I tried to up my and my phantasms dmg as much as I can, without losing my utilty as a defensiv (and offensiv) supporter.

For PvP I tried to up my DoT Dmg and my Support Skills. Well, I dont think that the enemys will let my phantasms cast as they please. So I try to help myself (and my team) with escape skills, such as Teleport, Invisibility, Chaos Storm, Blocks and Chaosarmor while i got debuffs on my enemys. This should make me (with my movement skills ;P) a hard target to kill.

I hope for feedbacks

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PvE/PvP Condition Mesmer

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