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Mesmer PVP Build [Survivability/Damage over Time]

en By Chamorro23 on September 10, 2012 10:55 PM , in pvp
Weapon Skills
Staff Sword & Torch
Winds of Chaos Phase Retreat Phantasmal Warlock Chaos Armor Chaos Storm Mind Slash Blurred Frenzy Illusionary Leap The Prestige Phantasmal Mage
Utility Skills
Ether Feast Blink Decoy Illusion of Life Mass Invisibility

Description:  This build requires constant switching between weapons (in turn weapon skills).  I have survived 1v2 fights and won (finishing both persons), while surviving 1v3 fights and holding off long enough for teammates to arrive, so I know this build works.  The thing to note, is that we are a 'survival' class.  Our class was made albeit predestined with the ability to make clones in order to redirect attacks and confuse the enemy (keep them busy).  With that in mind, this build does not do berserk damage or provide that many conditions, but rather works to D.O.T. enemies for as long as we are capable of surviving.  D.O.T. enough players during a fight and you'll still get points for their deaths even if you are not the one to deal the final blow.  This is a "Team" focusing build with 3 active skills.


Skill Cycle:

*Intial Attack "Winds of Chaos"

- [Chaos Storm] (When Available)

- [Phase Retreat]

- [Phantasmal Warlock]

(Switch Weapons)

- [Phantasmal Mage]

- Shatter - 1st Cycle [Cry of Frustration] / 2nd Cycle [Mind Wrack]

- [Illusionary Leap]

- [Swap] (swap Places with clone)

- [Blurred Frenzy]

- [Decoy]


(Switch Weapons)

- [Chaos Armor] (When Available)

*Rinse, Lather, Repeat



*Use Heal [Ether Feast] when necessary.

- I usually use it right after Phantasmal Warlock (i.e. Two Clones)

*Use Teleport [Blink] when you are momentarily knocked down, or dazed. "Last Resort Skill"

- If attacked by melee, choose a location right behind the target.

- If ranged choose location right next to target.

*I chose [Mass Invisibility] over the other elite skills [Time Warp, Moa Morph] because as a Mesmer your highest attribute is not damage, but rather 'personal' defense (Survivability).  Since we are able to survive the longest, why not attribute most of our skills to supporting others.  I have lasted long enough to use [Chaos Storm] up to 2 times within a fight (1v3, Tourney) and 3 times (1:1, Tourney).

- [Mass Invisibility] adds to confusion of Allie's Target (Player, not Avatar)

- Never use [Mass Invisibility] when capping a position (Bar doesn't fill when invisible)

- Use [Mass Invisibility] to cloak team members within an already capped position.  Lasts only 5 seconds, so use right before enemies get there.  (See the 'Whites' of Their Eyes)

*For [Chaos Storm] you will aim for the most populated area (obviously).  This doesn't matter if its friend or foe.  It grants boons to friends while conditions foes.

* [Illusion of Life], like your [Blink] is a skill you will use when the circumstances presents itself to you. (i.e. an ally gets downed)

- This skill lets your allies get up (Pretend Rally) and they can fully revive themselves when they successfully score a kill, or kill the one who downed them.  Otherwise they go back to being downed after 15s.  This may not seem like much, but its better than 3 seconds of being downed then killed, then 5-10 seconds of waiting, then another 5-10 seconds of running back to the point of interest, which may or may not have already been capped.



UPDATE - 09.11.12

* [The Prestige] can be used to alternate with [Decoy] during skill cycle

- The Alternations are due to their respective cooldowns

* Swap Staff => Dual Swords

- This provides additional Damage Output (Lose Added Confusion from [Phantasmal Mage]

- Survivability is Sustained (No Significant Change)

- [Illusionary Riposte] can be used to alternate with [Decoy] during skill cycle (IMO it's better)

- Since yesterday I experienced 80% success with finishes as opposed to previous 50% finishes with Sword-Torch.

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Mesmer PVP Build [Survivability/Damage over Time]

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zazz's Forum Avatar
By zazz September 14, 2012

hi , what amulet u use? :)


Chamorro23's Forum Avatar
By Chamorro23 September 12, 2012
By Bel September 12, 2012

Nice informations, thank you... But I'm not an english speaker, and I wonder what you mean in your update:

* Swap Staff =

That is my bad Bel.  It was supposed to be an arrow of sorts lol.  What I had implied with that update, was instead of swapping from Staff to Sword/Torch (As was the Original Post), that I have currently made the switch to swapping Staff with Dual Swords as of 09.11.12. 

Then below that I made notes as to what improved, was was sustained and a logistics in the form of a percentage to finishes I had with Staff and Dual Swords versus Staff and Sword-Torch.

Chamorro23's Forum Avatar
By Chamorro23 September 12, 2012
By Enzer September 12, 2012

What sigils and runes do you use?

Since the armors in GW2 are aesthetic I carry an extra set (normal PvP) with me in inventory.  I am currently running with "Rune of the Centaur", because I am satisfied with my survival and output damage.  [Ether Feast] doesn't take to long to recharge, so I use it off the start for my comrades, and we get to points faster. (Grants Swiftness to allies when healing, 10sec) 

* I carry a separate set (6) of armor equipped with "Rune of the Dolyak" in the event 'we' get focused by an elite team or guild team during the match.  At which time just swap sets and ring the bell for the next round.  This offers higher survivability.

* I recommend Rune of the Mesmer for anyone going for a build that focuses more on applying conditions (Confusion/Daze) to multiple enemies as it adds both power and precision (33% daze duration).  You could also carry a set with this equipped to swap out during a match as well.

* I equip a "Sigil of Superior Hydromancy" to my staff.  This is ideal since most of your diverting skills are with the staff.  It freezes nearby opponents for 3 seconds (when swapping to it), allowing some time to create a gap on melee classes swarming you.

* I equip "Sigil of Superior Geomancy" to my off-hand sword and "Sigil of Intelligence" to main-hand sword.  On weapon swap I gain an AOE bleed (7sec) as well as a 100% Crit for skill [Blurred Frenzy].

Enzer's Forum Avatar
By Enzer September 12, 2012

What sigils and runes do you use?

Bel's Forum Avatar
By Bel September 12, 2012

Nice informations, thank you... But I'm not an english speaker, and I wonder what you mean in your update:

* Swap Staff =

Domination : 25 {III, V}
Chaos : 15 {IV}
Illusions : 30 {III, V, X}

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