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5.9 (27)

Glamour(Support) Mesmer

en By Terrafros on June 8, 2012 4:53 PM , in wvw
Weapon Skills
Scepter & Focus Staff
Ether Bolt Illusionary Counter Confusing Images Temporal Curtain Phantasmal Warden Winds of Chaos Phase Retreat Phantasmal Warlock Chaos Armor Chaos Storm
Utility Skills
Mirror Null Field Portal Entre Feedback Mass Invisibility

Justification and reasoning:


Glamour Mesmers, in my opinion, will be able to play a giant part in WvW battles. With their effects potentially affecting more targets than any other, a good Glamour Mesmer should be able to turn the tide of battle with well placed defensive and offensive spells.

  • Scepter and Focus:

Should not require explanation. Grants a defensive and area effect, as well as a confusion and a defensive. Staff is taken as second set for when you find yourself with fewer allies, if any.

  • Healing Skill - Mirror:

Glamour Mesmers won't have a ridiculous amount of illusions on the field, so something less reliant on illusions serves to do the job better than the others.

  • Utility Skill - Portal:

One of the three reasons to go Glamour Mesmer. By placing both your entry and exit portals correctly, you may be able to bring the melee closer to the battle, or give a quick escape to the fighters in the front near death. If we look at the larger perspective, perhaps it may allow you to place portals early when defending fortresses to minimize the time required to travel causing an increased efficiency in defending. The possibilities are endless, but proper use will be key to using this skill effectively.

  • Utility Skill - Null Field:

This is just too good to pass up. In big battles, a lot of fighters will have tons of conditions on them, you can use Null Field to clear them all up and get them fresh for combat. Alternatively, you can use the field to weaken your opponents by removing all their boons.

  • Utility Skill - Mirrored Feedback:

Again, a really good skill to use in large groups. You can cover up the enemy casters in this field and force them to move or kill themselves.

  • Alternative Utility Skill - Veil of Invisibility:

You can switch out Mirrored Feedback for Veil of Invisibility depending on preference, but if you do so, I do recommend making sure your elite skill is not Mass Invisibility. I'll explain why there.

  • Elite Skill - Mass Invisibility:

Easier to apply and use than Veil of Invisibility. However, by taking this skill, you miss out on Time Warp, which is also a really great ability for Glamour Mesmers. It depends on personal preference whether or not you want to run with Veil of Invisibility, Mass Invisibility, or any Invisibility at all really.

As for the justification, invisibility is great in smaller areas, surprise attacks can turn the tide of battle into your favour, especially in locations like fortresses.

  • Alternative Elite Skill - Time Warp:

Read the above for justification. Time Warp's just a great tool, Haste for everyone is nice to have.

  • Traits:

Thirty points into Illusions will make your glamour spells really strong. First, you make the spells cause blind. Second, the blind will cause confusion. Third, the confusion's duration will be extended. It's the best possible combination of traits, and fully worth the thirty points.

Twenty points into Inspiration for both Glamour skills' duration and recharge time. This will allow you to make sure your spells are active a whole lot longer than without the traits.

Ten points into Chaos for a defensive advantage, each illusion adding some defensive bonus. We won't have a lot of illusions as Glamour mesmer, but we'll still have a few, and thus we can use this to survive longer in the larger battles.

The final ten points go into Domination which will make opponents that enter our Glamour after we cast them get confused as well. In other words, it'll be a pain for them to get to you, both when and after you cast them.

  • Additional Note:

A lot of this will not be useful due to the new updates to the Beta, but hopefully a good deal of the build will remain intact. Using this build, you'll hopefully be a great asset to your team, and be able to influence the battle to your team's favour slightly.

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Glamour(Support) Mesmer

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Jura's Forum Avatar
By Jura July 10, 2012

Really nice build, i'll consider it for my own Mesmer. You explained it really good, thank you!

Lusoro's Forum Avatar
By Lusoro July 9, 2012

Did you ever consider taking the trait that lets focus skills reflect projectiles? just curious

SuburbanLion's Forum Avatar
By SuburbanLion June 12, 2012

10/10. Nice guide.

This build is about as close to a staple Mesmer WvW build as it's going to get.  Regardless of how you spec, the 1h focus, Mirrored Feedback, Null Field and Portal are all practically mandatory for Mesmers in WvW.  They're just too good too pass up in a siege situation.   

Other things I'd note:

Mirrored Feedback works great against cannons, but not against weapons with ground targeted AoEs (i.e. arrow carts).  

iWarden seemed to work well against the oil pots, but make sure you're in range before you cast it.

I heard people saying that you could move Siege Golems around much faster using portals, but didn't get a chance to test it myself.

Banana268's Forum Avatar
By Banana268 June 8, 2012

Very nice and detailed! 10 points from me :)

Terrafros's Forum Avatar
By Terrafros June 8, 2012

I'm open to suggestions to change the build based on feedback. Just post here and we can enter a discussion. :)

Domination : 10 {VIII}
Chaos : 10 {IV}
Inspiration : 20 {II, IX}
Illusions : 30 {V, VIII, IX}

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