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Tank Guardian - Signets & Shouts

en By Devlos on September 14, 2012 12:19 PM , in dungeon
Weapon Skills
Mace & Shield Greatsword
True Strike Symbol of Faith Protector's Strike Shield of Judgment Shield of Absorption Strike Whirling Wrath Symbol of Wrath Leap of Faith Binding Blade
Utility Skills
Signet of Resolve Signet of Judgment "Save Yourselves!" "Hold the Line!" Tome of Courage

I wont be updating this build anymore - the website does not stay up-to-date with gw2 patches or featured content (home page).


Build Focus

The purpose of this build is to maximize your own survival, supporting allies is just an added bennefit.  Following this build will help you take less damage, heal for more, and remove a moderate amount of conditions.  By no means is this a good build to bring into a dungeon where you will NOT be the main damage sponge.



Indefinite Regeneration, 19-22sec of Protection, 10sec of almost every other boon (buff), 2 conditions removed every 10sec (removes entire conditions, not just stacks), very high flat healing potential, parry every 15sec, and AoE knockback + projectial absorption every 40sec.


Your Stats (in order of importance)

Toughness - Reduces damage taken from FLAT damage sources (does NOT help against condition damage).

Healing - Increases the amount of healing you do through your utility spells, weapon skills, and passive abilities.

Power - Increases damage you do through FLAT damage sources, very helpful for holding aggro (yes, damage does affect aggro).

Vitality - Increases your hit points (2nd best defense against condition damage; first being condition removal).

My recommendation is to use Cleric armor and trinkets with Shaman/Valkyrie/Carrion weapons.  1500-1600 Vitality gives more than enough HP when paired with your toughness, healing, and condition removal from this build.


Runes & Sigils

For Runes I recommend Superior Runes of the Soldier; which give +165 Vitality, +50 Toughness, and removes a condition from you and your allies when you use a shout.  This pairs great with Guardian because one of your Major Traits removes a condition from allies when you shout; and this Rune will not only free up that trait slot, but also remove a condition from you (which the trait does not do).

Sigils I believe are more of a personal preference, because there are a lot of useful sigils for Guardian.  I use Superior Sigil of Life for my Shield (+250 Healing after 25 kills), Superior Sigil of Water on my Mace (30% chance on hit to heal an area around you), and Superior Sigil of Force on my Greatsword (+5% damage).



Mace - Hands down the best TANKING weapon, for guardian.  Healing on auto-attack, 7sec regeneration (with trait), light combo field (retaliation and condition removal), and a parry/protection buff.

Shield - Best off-hand for THIS SPEC; focus is another good one, but not needed here.  Proection buff, knock back, projectile absorption, and an aoe heal (if you tap 5 while already channelling).

Greatsword - This weapon is a personal favorite, and can be switched for something else.  Highest DPS weapon that Guardian has, great for pulling aggro off of squishies (yes, damage does affect aggro, I told you this before).  Not going into great detail for this weapon, but you should know that the 5 skill is great for setting up aoe kills and pulling mobs off of allies.


Healing, Utilities, and Elite

Signet of Resolve - This skill has the highest amount of self-healing, 2nd lowest cooldown (when traited), and removes 1 condition every 10sec.  A must-have for Signet/Shout spec.

Signet of Judgment - Reduces damage taken by 10%.  I'm not sure if this affects condition damage, but I started using it recently because I'm running into mobs that are hitting harder; this signet seems to be working better than Signet of Mercy once you start reaching tougher areas.

"Save Yourselves!" - Almost every buff in the game for 10sec; incredible stuff.  This skill also removes a condition on allies (with runes), heals you for buffing your allies (when traited), and transfers any remaining conditions from your allies to yourself.  Because of the Stun Break and Condition transfer it is a good idea to save this shout for bad situations (like AoE Fear), but don't let yourself die just to save the cooldown.

"Hold the Line!" - Protection for 4sec and Regeneration for 6sec (spam this), and removes a condition (with runes).

Tome of Courage - Gain Protection while in this state, spammable AoE heal, multi-target blind/cleanse (depending on target being ally or foe), 10sec Protection and Regeneration cone buff for allies, 2sec Daze, AoE heal to full skill (about 4sec cast).



I believe my traits are some of the best for survivability while using this setup, but many of the major traits for Guardian are very useful.  Play with the build a little and find what traits best suit you.  e.g. If you don't use shouts often it may be a good idea for you to switch out the cooldown reduction from larger symbols or shielding when reviving allies.



This build is mainly for my Guild members to view and discuss, but I will check back from time to time to answer any questions.


Reminder:  This is MY take on MY build using MY preferences; in no way am I saying this is 100% the best Guardian Tank build, or even that Guardians HAVE to Tank.  Everything here is open to change and experimentation.

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Tank Guardian - Signets & Shouts

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paigegardner1994's Forum Avatar
By paigegardner1994 March 18, 2013

so my question is now what stats do you go for on your weapons i'm using now power precision and crit. but i was thinking power toughness vitality, but i want your take on it peeps what do you guys use and prefer.

angus666's Forum Avatar
By angus666 February 12, 2013

i began to use this build 2 months ago and im still using it... It f*ckin rock dude. Up the guardians !!!

Yiedh's Forum Avatar
By Yiedh December 28, 2012

Amazing build. Thanks for sharing it, it's my own now. A pure pleasure in Dj. Exo clerc Superior Runes of the Soldier etc... Very nice find. Gardians I play with ask me for it :) ... (sorry for my basic english).

MLUdrea's Forum Avatar
By MLUdrea October 9, 2012

Made an account just to say--Wow, I can't believe that someone uses the same build as me, the only diff with me is that i don't use soldier runes--instead i used dwayna and contemplation of purity instead of signet of judgement. Still I'll rate 10 for the sheer fact that I was surprised. Great build. 

Devlos's Forum Avatar
By Devlos September 27, 2012
By Avaz September 25, 2012

I was under the impression that sword had a higher static DPS rating than greatsword, but the difference being that sword is deadly against a single target, but greatsword is much better at multiple targets. And because of the multiple-target reason, greatsword is usually preferred for PvP/WvW. Is this true?

Sword is definitely NOT higher dps than greatsword; single or multi-target.  I believe sword is the 3rd highest dps, behind greatsword (1st) and scepter (2nd).  Sword however does have a blind/teleport and projectile reflection, so it's not a bad choice; mace is just better for this build.

Radiance : 10 {II}
Valor : 30 {V, IX, XI}
Honor : 30 {II, VII, X, XI}

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