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Guardian Bunker Build

en By Engineer Bear on February 10, 2013 10:20 AM , in dungeon
Weapon Skills
Greatsword Staff
Strike Whirling Wrath Symbol of Wrath Leap of Faith Binding Blade Wave of Wrath Orb of Light Symbol of Swiftness Empower Line of Warding
Utility Skills
Signet of Resolve "Stand Your Ground!" "Retreat!" "Save Yourselves!" Renewed Focus

Successful Zerg Support Build:

- Virtues (Boon duration): 10 points:

  • Unscathed Contender (I) - Deal more damage while under Aeigs

- Radiance: 0 points as you will not need it.

- Zeal: 0 points as it's a non glass-cannon build/ you won't need it.

- Valor: 30 points:

  • Strength in Numbers (IV) beefs up your allies with +30 toughness based on your level.
  • Purity (V) loses a condition every 10 seconds.
  • Altruistic Healing (XI) applies a boon to your allies healing you in the process.

- Honor: 30 points:

  • Superior Aria (II) is a must for your "SYG, Retreat & SYY" shouts to recharge 20% faster.
  • Two-Handed Mastery (IX) will help recharge any 2-h weapons equiped for this build.
  • Battle Presence (XII) will let your allies gain Virtue of Resolve's regeneration effect while they are near you.


  1. Nearly Perm Regen/Might (14-25stacks)/Retaliation/Stability/ Survivability
  2. Great solo WvW build.
  3. Can take on a group less than or equal to 10.
  4. Medium HP (18.2k)
  5. Excellent Crit Chances.


  1. Not a Glass-Cannon build.
  2. Highest Crit is 3-5k with 25 stacks of might.
  3. You cannot play terrible with this build or else you die.

Equipment Requirements:

Armor Sets: 

(All Based on Preference)

  • Beserker - If you use Zeal, feeling "balsy" and want to promote power & crit dmg.
  • Knights/Soldiers - If you want to feel more of a "tanky baby".
  • Cleric - for a monk special "Pow/Tough/Healing" medium.
  • Any other Rare-Exotic armor set

Armor Runes:

(All Based on Preference)

  • x6 Superior Rune of Dwayna: +165 Healing, +25% Regen, 5s Ally Regen.
  • x6 Superior Rune of Dolyak: +165 Toughness, +50 Vitality, Regen.
  • x6 Superior Rune of Water: +165 Healing, +15% BD, 5% CD removal, 10s Ally Regen.
  • x6 Superior Rune of Monk: +165 Healing, +15% BD, 5% Regen, 30s Ally Aegis.
  • x6 Superior Rune of Sanctuary: +165 Vitality, +20% Frozen dmg, 25% Retaliation, 90s stability.
  • x6 Superior Rune of Altruism: +165 Healing, x3 Might, +15% BD, 10s Ally Fury.

*Superior* Weapon Sigils:

(All Based on Preference) -

  • Sigil of Geomancy
  • Sigil of Hydromancy
  • Sigil of Fire
  • Sigil of Ice
  • Sigil of Air
  • Sigil of Earth
  • Sigil of Water
  • Sigil of Bloodlust
  • Sigil of Night
  • Sigil of Hobbling
  • Sigil of Peril
  • Sigil of Generosity
  • Sigil of Frality
  • Sigil of Strength
  • Sigil of Force


I've been playing with this build for about 4 months now (give or take) and it has served me well both as a commander in WvW and as a player contributing to a zerg. The best advice I can give onto you is simply use nourishments, support with staff (or mace/shield, or even scepter, focus/shield) and boon-up your allies. The number #2 skill "Whirling Wrath" is your deflect and crit favorite-most used attack, so time it well to land combo-finishers out in the field! 

As always only use "Stand Your Ground" before clashing with a zerg or before charging to a downed enemy to negate downed resurrected pulls, knockbacks or fears from occuring.

That's all pretty much, the rest is up to you. You decide how to manage your set and weapons of choice and how to approach the enemy from there. Overall, both in PvE world completion, dungeons and WvW/PvP; this will 110% of the time let you live.

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Guardian Bunker Build

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Valor : 30 {IV, V, XI}
Honor : 30 {II, IX, XII}
Virtues : 10 {I}

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