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Beast Master

en By Archangel on August 24, 2015 4:27 PM , in pve
Weapon Skills
Long bow Sword & War horn
Long Range Shot Rapid Fire Hunter's Shot Point Blank Shot Barrage Slash Hornet Sting Serpent's Strike Hunter's Call Call of the Wild
Utility Skills
Healing Spring Signet of the Hunt Signet of Stone Signet of the Wild Rampage As One

NOTE:  Since this website has not been adjusted to the newest traitline set.  The correct traits/pets are as follows.

 If you have any questions, feel free to message me in game: Archangel Galloway

The purpose of this build is survivability and support and when ran correctly, will keep you alive even in the most difficult situations. The main weapon in this build isn't in your hands, but your pet. Upon reaching 80 and properly gearing for this build, your pets will have over 50,000 health and can easily tank bosses while you do ranged damage. If your ranger has just reached 80 and you're looking for a build (or even if you're still leveling) I would recommend this because it simply makes game-play a whole lot easier. Enough talking! Let's get down to building.

Our first step is gear. Gear is crucial for this build and will be based primarily around Clerics armor and emerald accessories. This will give you plenty of toughness and healing power to keep you well defended. It also gives you the power you need, since when we get to traits, none will be placed into power. For the mask I went with soldiers because I like the little extra boost for vitality. I also chose to use the Superior Runes of Altruism because it increases your own healing and grants a few nice buffs to allies when you cast your healing spring (which you should be doing in battles).

When working with accessories, rings, amulet and backpiece, go with emeralds. These are going to be your main sources for damage. The Power and Precision will help with your attacks, that way you can be sure to be hitting decently well along with your bear. I have ascended rings, but when I started this build I went with the emerald rings as well. Just make sure when you move up to ascended you choose rings with Power, Precision and Toughness (Ossa Family Signet Ring and Cirque of Arah for example). When it comes to the backpack, any exotic crafting backpack will allow you to choose stats. You can make one of those if you don't have an ascended backpiece!

Now to weapons. I say with this, go with what you feel most comfortable. I like Longbow for range and damage, but shortbow works just as nice. This build has decent survivability as well if you want to be up-close and personal with a greatsword or a sword/dagger combo. For mine I like to use Longbow with an Sword/Horn combo. With my ranged weapon I went with Power, Toughness, Healing Power. Healing Power is good because it'll help your healing spring skill which heals your pet even if it isn't in the circle. It is great to keep your pet alive while helping you at a distance. Make sure with these you use Superior Sigil of Life and Superior Sigil of Accuracy. Increases your Healing Power again and gives you better critical chance with your main damage weapon. For my close range, I go with Power, Precision, Ferocity because I want to try and do as much damage as possible. For these uses Superior Sigil of Stamina and Super Sigil of Rage. These refill your endurance and and give you a chance of quickness, making dodging and attacking at close range even better! This increases close range survivability.

Not going to lie. For underwater, I got a bit lazy. But, never forget underwater!!! Most people do, and when you get into an underwater fractal you can find yourself in trouble without it. I went with one harpoon gun and one spear. You can go dual if you like one and just want to switch back and forth for your Superior Sigil of Intelligence and Blood stats. I like these because they give you 100% critical chance on switch and 50% chance to steal health. As for the aquabreather. Be sure to visit Explorer Gavbeorn Serpentslayer in Cursed Shore to get a level 80 aquabreather. Want your max-most armor after all.

Now Traits! These are pretty straightforward, so instead of explaining them in depth, I'll just post the traits. If you have any questions about the reasons why I chose them, feel free message me in game!

Beast Mastery: 2 - 3 - 1 [Companion's Might - Natural Healing - Beastly Warden]

Nature Magic: 1 - 2 - 3 [Bountiful Hunter - Vigorous Training - Invigorating Bond]

Wilderness Survival: 2 - 3 - 1 [Oakheart Salve - Shared Anguish - Empathic Bond]

Next we have the skill bar and what the skills do. Take a look below and then I'll explain what they should be used for.

Healing Spring: Great to use around allies. I tend to pop a spring right on top of a boss if my allies are there fighting. Regen and condition removal can be an asset. It is also great to use at a range, when your pet is taking damage. I typically only pop it to heal my pet if its health drops below 25%. Note: It will heal your pet, even if it is not within the spring. The base heal is applied to your pet.

Signet of the Hunt: I mainly keep for the speed boost. Use signet in the event that additional damage needs to be done on a boss. I rarely use unless fighting the final boss of a dungeon or an event.

Signet of the Stone: This signet is the secret to this build. This is used as a "Oh snap! Gonna die!" Use it in the event your health is below 25% and you need to make a get away or you need to soak some damage for 6 seconds until your Healing Spring is ready. This should also be used to heal allies in the middle of combat. This build is meant to be support, and this skill is your secret weapon in the art of resurrection. Don't use it unless you need to because once you use it, you have to wait 80 long seconds before you can use it again.

Signet of the Wild: The signet gives you regeneration, which is nice. But the benefit to this is the stability. A great example of when to use this is the beginning of the Twilight Arbor explorable mode. The husks can be a nightmare if you get caught in their knockdowns. Just pop this right before and you have 11 seconds of knockdown free peace. You also gain a nice damage increase when you use this. Another great time to use this is against a boss. Adds a decent 25% boost and 50% speed increase for 8 seconds.

Rampage As One: Good all around damage and boons. I mainly use this against bosses, but I also pop it when I need a good bit of stability and Signet of the Wild is recharging. Use as you want, but if you're nearing a boss, save it for the most damage possible at the end.

Finally, we have our pets. This is completely based on situation but I typically recommend bears. Bears hit hard and can take a mean punch from an enemy. My two favorite are Arctodus and Brown Bear.

Arctodus: Great for front line damage and overall tanking. Rending Maul is decently powerful and a great way to add minimal bleeding to an enemy.

Brown Bear: Great support animal especially in condition heavy dungeons. Shake It Off is great when allies have bleeding, poison or even confusion. When the conditions pile up on allies, use Shake It Off. Great when pairing it with Healing Spring as well.

Give this build a shot and if you want to change things around, please do! Test it out, fix it to how you like to play and let me hear about the results! Always looking to see how the build can evolve!


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Beast Master

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Wilderness Survival : 10 {III}
Nature Magic : 30 {II, III, V}
Beastmastery : 30 {II, V, XII}

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