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PvE level up fast Bomber Man Build

en By k81689 on December 1, 2015 9:20 PM , in pve
Weapon Skills
Hip Shot Net Shot Blunderbuss Overcharged Shot Jump Shot
Utility Skills
Healing Turret Bomb Kit Grenade Kit Flamethrower Elixir X

PvE level up fast Bomber Man Build

Map middle mouse toggle right mouse(xmouse)

Map left 1

Map right evade(E)

R run, T in your face(turn back), Y walk

Zoom all the way out in crowded mobs fighting

Keep dropping bombs(1/left mouse) and keep running(R)

Hit 6 healing turret if Boss is there

Circle running around the healing turret and keep droping bombs until they all die.

Don't forget to drop F2 big bomb

When the enemy is charging, you need to run toward it and miss by an angle.

Turn back or run around.

If you are dying, hit tornado and escape.


Dec. 1st, 2015

GW2 9 days 66 hours lvl 42, never play gw/gw2 before.

2.99 maps completed. 33% complested 2 other maps.

I can go anywhere fearless knowing I can beat most monsters/bosses.

Beat lvl higher than my game role and got tons of goodies drops.

I seldom evade&strafe. I just charge ahead(miss an angle) and drop bombs.

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PvE level up fast Bomber Man Build

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