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6.1 (20)

Ignus Fatuus

en By Kysin on July 10, 2012 11:07 PM , in wvw
Weapon Skills
Sword & Pistol Scepter & Torch
Mind Slash Blurred Frenzy Illusionary Leap Phantasmal Duelist Magic Bullet Ether Bolt Illusionary Counter Confusing Images The Prestige Phantasmal Mage
Utility Skills
Ether Feast Mantra of Distraction Blink Null Field Time Warp

Please rate fairly, and I am interested to hear your input, enjoy! Thanks --- Kysin

I personally really like this Mesmer build, it maximizes damage and critical chance/damage with the Sword, doing good damage with Illusions, and offers 4 (5 if you count the second bounce from Trick Shot) available interrupts on the Sword/Pistol set (3 dazes, 1 stun).


---Full Runes of Divinity (+60 to all stats, and +18% Crit Damage).
---Berserker's Amulet (+798 Power, +569 Precision, +15% Crit Dmg, 284 Vitality) and Berserker's Jewels.
------Sigil of Sup Air (~1.5k dmg lightning strike on crit every 5s) and Sup Accuracy (+5% crit chance) on Sword/Pistol. Sigil of Leeching (Steal ~1k HP on weapon switch to this set), and Sigil of Water (30% chance to AoE heal with 10s cooldown).


Sword/Pistol (Main)... Scepter/Torch (Illusion spam and cloak)


This build provides really great DPS with the Sword/Pistol. With the full setup I have listed, you will have a 63% Critical Chance, and +73% Critical Damage (Total of 223% or x2.23 damage on critical hit... AKA more than double damage). That coupled with the very large amount of Power in this build, it is a really heavy hitter. Not finished yet, if you have 3 Illusions alive that is a bonus 9% damage, and if the enemy is inactive (stunned or immobile) you do 5% more damage as well (Domination Minor trait 25). When entering battle make sure you have Mantra of Distraction charged, and you can use it twice because of Domination XI. The best thing about mantras is that you can use them any time, even while casting a different spell, true fast casting.

Initiating a fight should go something like this: Illusionary Duelist->Dodge Roll->Illusionary Leap->Swap(Immobilize 2s)->Auto Attack(vulnerability) (3hits)->Trick Shot(Stun 2s)->Blurred Frenzy->Null Field

Continuing a fight/long battle: Switch to Scepter/Torch and... Auto-attack (3 hits)->Illusionary Counter->Illusionary Mage->The Prestige->Heal(if needed)->Switch back to Sword/Pistol and repeat above.

Use skills wisely, don't just Daze... Interrupt! Be smart about using Time Warp, it has great synergy with this build (Quickness really brings the pain). Blink for mobility/chase/retreat.


As stated before there are 4 available interrupts on the Sword/Pistol set (3 dazes, 1 stun). You will deal damage on interrupt because of Domination II trait, and you will also gain fury for 3s on each interrupt (Dueling VIII). You will cause 5s of vulnerability on interrupt, and 3s on daze, so 8s of vulnerability when you interrupt with a Daze (Domination minor trait 5 and 15). Note that when you interrupt an enemies skill, not only does the skill fail, but it has a 10s cooldown before they can even try to use it again.


Your main use with Illusions in this build is keeping 3 Illusions alive as much you can, so Shattering is usually not the best idea. Why keep them alive? Because of Chaos IV, and Illusions III. If you do good at maintaining 3 Illusions you will be doing 9% more damage, and taking 9% less damage! Not to mention Illusionary Duelist will be doing great damage (with fury and +15% dmg). Also, do not forget Ether Feast heals more for each Illusion.

There should be no trouble maintaining 3 Illusions with Illusionary Duelist, Illusionary Leap, and you create an Illusion on dodge roll. However, if you find yourself in need of a fresh set of Illusions. Just simply switch to Scepter/Torch and auto-attack 3 times, then use Illusionary Counter, followed by Illusionary mage, The Prestige, then heal if you need to, and switch back to your main set. By that time your Sword/Pistol skills will be recharged. You can cycle weapons and dodge roll to endlessly keep up 3 Illusions, as long as the enemy doesn't specifically target your Illusions (which is rare, and even the enemy does, its still a benefit for you... Win win situation).

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Ignus Fatuus

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sharkey's Forum Avatar
By sharkey March 13, 2013

Hey what kind of gear should I wear? Full berserker's? Thanks and good work!

armeck's Forum Avatar
By armeck August 7, 2012

wouldnt be better sword/torch and pistol/scepter cus u could counter at range and be invisible at melee range and about the sigil what do u think about leeching and inteligence at pistol/scepter so u can heal a good amount for sure at distance and get back to battle and accuracy/air to sword/torch to dps

this may work i think... but its all theory i didnt get in game so i really dont know how things works at game

Kysin's Forum Avatar
By Kysin July 23, 2012

Thanks for the Feedback Reeve! Glad it worked well for you :D

ReeveSenior's Forum Avatar
By ReeveSenior July 23, 2012

Great Build! I used it in sPvP and it worked like a charm. Thanks for posting

Kysin's Forum Avatar
By Kysin July 11, 2012
By j1000 July 11, 2012

I don't think immobilize interrupts.

It doesn't, was a mistake. Thanks for pointing it out, Fixed!

Domination : 30 {II, III, XI}
Dueling : 20 {II, XII}
Chaos : 10 {IV}
Illusions : 10 {III}

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