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en By Saigon on July 12, 2012 5:47 PM , in pvp
Weapon Skills
Pistol & Dagger Dagger & Pistol
Vital Shot Body Shot Shadow Strike Dancing Dagger Cloak and Dagger Double Strike Heartseeker Shadow Shot Black Powder Head Shot
Utility Skills
Withdraw Roll for Initiative Signet of Shadows Shadowstep Thieves Guild

Overview & Gameplay:

This build is expected to achieve good survivability and nice damages by taking advantage of the exceptional mobility of the thief: Always be where the enemy doesn't want you to be!

So I chosed the sets Pistol / Dagger and Dagger / Pistol primarily for their dual wield skills, which allows to always stay at the ideal distance of the opponent, despite his futile attempts to stay close / away.
The build is based on the use of these skills, so it has many ways to accelerate the recovery of Initiative through the features and utility "Roll for initiative."

To play this build, I recommend you to read the excellent guide by Warmage Timeraider, which explains how to dodge effectively, at this address:


To summarize, here is the graph of the ideal position from the guide (I've fiddled it a bit by adding the Dagger / Pistol safe zone, that's why the yellow area is poorly colored ).
The green area is where you should be when the Pistol / Dagger is equipped: Too Far to receive melee attacks, but close enough to quickly switch to the Dagger / Pistol set and quickly reach the Yellow safe area ( considering that the enemy looks down) if the enemy decides to swap to a ranged weapon.

This build is very easy to play against enemies based on melee only, since you just have to use regularly "Shadow Strike" to keep distance and use "Roll for initiative" and "Withdraw" to get rid of the conditions resulting in loss of mobility.

It's more difficult to play against ranged opponents, since "Roll for initiative" and "Withdraw" are large roll back that may lead you to an uncomfortable position to dodge ranged attacks ( ranged / charge red zone ) ; It is therefore advisable to assign a shortcut to the "Turn around"  command which (as its name suggests) instantly turn your character, so you can quickly turn away from opponent, chain with “ Withdraw” or “ Roll for initiative” and end up in his back.

It's best to choose wisely where to fight as the large roll of this build require large spaces to be  efficient: For example in the Battle of Kyhlo, should avoid going to fight to the Clocktower, being given that 90% of dodging skills will end in a wall or a fall.


There is two ways to play this build:
1) Basing the entire survival on the mobility and thus inflict heavy damage in defiance of defensive stats:

-Berserker's Amulet (798 power 569 accuracy +15% critical damage 284 vitality)
-Berserker's Jewel (power 125 accuracy 75 +5% critical damage 45 vitality)
-Superior Rune of the divinity (60 all stats +18% critical damage)

We obtain the following stats:

Power: 1899
Precision: 1920
Toughness: 976
Vitality: 1605
Attack: 2944
WeaponDamage: 1045
ConditionDamage: 100
CritChance: 51.81
CritDamage: 68
Armor: 2040
Defense: 60
HP: 17695
Healing: 0

We obtain a good chance of critical, great critical damage and pretty high power, at the expense of armor and health.

This equipment is to be reserved for players able to dodge efficiently, because survival depends mainly on mobility.
It makes this build really deadly against the melees against which one can easily play all the fight without taking a single hit through the set Pistol / Dagger and especially his ambidextrous skill, "Shadow strike", which allows to stay permanently away from the target, with over the "Withdraw" and "Roll for initiative" that cleanse conditions impeding movement in addition to resume the distance with the opponent.

2) A balanced build, in order to obtain excellent survivability by combining higher hp amount with the high mobility of the build, while maintaining a comfortable offensive potential:

-Knight's amulet (+ 798 Vitality + 569 power + 569 precision)

-Berserker's Jewel (power 125 + 75 + 5% critical damage + 45 vitality)

-Superior Rune of the divinity (+60 all stats +18% critical damage)

Power: 1670
Precision: 1920
Toughness: 976
Vitality: 2119
Attack: 2715
WeaponDamage: 1045
ConditionDamage: 100
CritChance: 51.81
CritDamage: 53
Armor: 2040
Defense: 60
HP: 22835
Healing: 0

This build will be much more versatile even though it won't kill as fast, extra 5000HP help not to get killed as soon as you miss a dodge.

Heal, utilities and elite explanation :

Withdraw: This heal is in perfect synergy with the rest of the build: It offers mobility through the roll and the conditions removal. Additionally it is thief heal with the shortest cooldown.

Roll for initiative: Chosen primarily for the initiative gain that allows to continue to use ambidextrous skills in order to remain at a place where you're less likely to take hits. Other functions are also very efficient and fit perfectly in synergy with the build, since the movement is very important and that this skill includes not only a roll to dodge the blows, but also a removal of conditions and stuns, which are one of the worst things that can happen to a build as much based on mobility.
The great defect is a cooldown of 60 seconds, so use it wisely.

Signet of Shadows: The bonus 10% speed bonus is very efficient in this build: You can kite more effectively while using the Pistol, and prevent the enemy can not move away from the Dagger. There are almost never useful to activate the bonus 10% speed is generally more effective than the two second immobilization either to escape or to catch a target.

Shadow Step: This is the skill "SURPRISE"! It allows both to get within range of an opponent who thought he was safe, or away enough to escape for sure in case of major difficulty (Since it allow to move at a distance 1200, which is the maximum range of most skills, and movement speed is increased by the Signet of shadows, it is almost impossible to catch you after use of this skill).

It also break stun and can be used to avoid a burst.

Thieves guild : Dagger storm is unthinkable since it prohibits any roll, basilic venom is weak without the trait that doubles its effect, and we don't care to have a stoned enemy for 1s: We aren't meant to make a burst.


Taits explanation :

30 Critical strike: Why?
First 30 points for Prowess, indispensable in a build based on critical hits.
Then, there are very interesting minor traits for their synergy with the rest of the build, since they can increase the critical chance, give back an initiative on a critical hit and increase critical damage.

Finally, for these 3 traits :
Haste-critical: For even greater mobility.
Chance of combo-critical: To maximize the chances of critical with the most effective skills.
Ankle-Shots: To kite very efficiently with the Pistol / Dagger and be sure that the enemy will not be able to with the Dagger / Pistol.

30 in Acrobatics: Why?
Minor features are very useful for the dodge rolls, and it's a major aspect of the gameplay of the build. Furthermore, given the rather offensive models of equipment offered, the extra 3,000 hp really enhance survivability.

-Fleet of foot: Perform a dodge removes alteration "Cripple" and "Frost". Loss of mobility would be very crippling.
-Fast Recovery: We use a lot of initiative and the more we keep in stock, more damage is inflicted.
Fast-Pockets: If the enemy swap its weapon, we must do the same and immediately have the necessary initiative to jump into the right position.

10 in Duplicity: Why?
The major feature selected, "Uncatchable", cause you are supposed to dodge all the time !

If you had the courage to read so far, first of all thank you for your patience and your attention.
I am open to any criticism or comment likely to improve this build, so feel free to insult me!

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Asukie's Forum Avatar
By Asukie August 10, 2012

Nice thief build! Such builds help a lot. May trying it out once

Saigon's Forum Avatar
By Saigon July 12, 2012


Yeah, I really prefer the high-hp build, but it's sometimes fun to play as a glass-canon too, and if you dodge well, most of the mages can't burst you down even with the low hp you have.

But it's kinda hard, and it can't withstand a 2v1 fight.

Flippoo's Forum Avatar
By Flippoo July 12, 2012

Good job dude,

I've done a quite similiar build . 

It really helped reading yours so I can improve mine. Maybe its the same for you ;)

I actually prefer the high-hp build, because then even mages cant burst you down.

Critical Strikes : 30 {VII, IX, X}
Acrobatics : 30 {VII, IX, XII}
Trickery : 10 {III}

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