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en By Saigon on July 13, 2012 12:16 AM , in pvp
Weapon Skills
Scepter & Focus
Flamestrike Dragon's Tooth Phoenix Flamewall Fire Shield Ice Shards Shatterstone Water Trident Freezing Gust Comet
Lightning Strike Arc Lightning Blinding Flash Swirling Winds Gale Stone Shards Rock Barrier Dust Devil Magnetic Wave Obsidian Flesh
Utility Skills
Signet of Restoration Signet of Fire Signet of Earth Signet of Water Glyph of Elementals


This build is expected to make an Elementalist based on conditions. It is based primarily on the great Signet of Fire and on Stone Shards.

It is therefore expected to get a very good survivability while burning and bleeding drains the health of the enemy with a relative slow, because it's really nice to do something else than burst on fire from time to time.

It will be used under the earth affinity for 95% of the time.

This build will be very effective against the "glass cannon" so loved by many players, because it is based primarily Health degeneration passing through the target's armor.


Carrion's amulet + jewel: + 923 Conditions damage + 644 Power + 644 Vitality

Superior Rune of the undead * 6: 183 conditions damage + 50 Toughness + 5% toughness → conditions damage

Sigil of superior Smoldering (burn + 10%)

Sigil of superior Agony (bleeding + 10%)

We obtain the following stats:


Power :1860
Precision :1016
Toughness :1266
Vitality :1560
Attack :2857
WeaponDamage :997
ConditionDamage :1451.8
CritChance :8.76
CritDamage :10
Armor :2186
Defense :350
HP :17245
Healing :0


This build is largely based on the Signet of fire: Indeed, this Signet will bring opportunities to passively enhance critical chance! Great!

Hahahah ... Well, actually, just don't mind about passive.

If it is so great, it's thanks to the enormous length of the burn it inflicts, 9s + 3s = 12s + 10% from sigil + 30% from 30 points in fire, for a burn of 16.8 seconds every 16 seconds!

With a score of 1450 in Malice, we obtain a skill that removes 680 hp per second, for a total of ~ 11,500 in 16.8 s, needing to be cast only once all 16s!

To inflict damage, we will also use the first skill of scepter, Stone Shards :

The bleeding lasts 8,4 seconds (6 + 10% + 30%).

It deals 113 damage per second with malice.

Most importantly, it's inflicted 3 times with each hit.

Each time you use this skill inflicts for a total of 2850 damage spread over ~ 8,5 seconds for 340 damage per second.

All you have to do is to use the Signet when it is reloaded, spam Stone Shard, and survive enough to empty the enemy's health.

There's 4 purely defensive weapon skills:

The rock barrier for more armor;

Dust devil to blind the enemy;

The magnetic wave to remove the conditions (Very important!) And return the projectiles;

And finally 4 seconds of invulnerability from Obsidian flesh;

Do not hesitate either to use the Signets, since their passive still apply thanks to the earth trait XII.


Skills choice:

Signet of Fire: ( deep Charr Voice : ) Do I have to draw you a picture? Constant burning, that's great.

Signet of Water/ Earth: There's no CC on the weapons, so it's good to have some in the utilities.

Each signet give fiery aura + swiftness + protection + fury, so it's good to have as many of them as possible. ( And as there's always swiftness, the signet of air is useless. )


30 on fire. Why?

Mainly to increase the conditions' duration. If conditions lasts 30% longer, I'll inflict 30% more damage.

Burning fire: Because adding 3 seconds burning to each fire Signet is just great.

Fire's embrace: Because I have a lot of Signets, and the burning is very effective in this build.

Burning precision: Because I'm under fury most of the time, which means ~30% crit chance.

30 on earth. Why?

+ 300 in Toughness is good. + 300 in Malice is better.

Signet Mastery: The Signets are very important, if I can use them more often, it's nice.

Elemental Shielding: Means 33% less damage most of the time.

Written in stone: To use Signets without losing passive ability.

10 in Air Magic. Why?

Zephyr's boon is great with the high amount of auras in the build.

If you had the courage to read so far, first of all thank you for your patience and your attention.



Special thanks to oledirty for the build's name.


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Saigon's Forum Avatar
By Saigon January 2, 2013

In solo PvE I usually go for a scepter/dagger set, cause dagger's earth skills are just SO deadly vs mobs who never dodge. If you time it to end right when melee mobs reach the inside, it's pretty easy to kill even large groups.


( btw I just HATE the elementalist elites, so i'm always soo happy to be able to use my sylvari Fern Mastiff to add some poison. )

Shyanmar's Forum Avatar
By Shyanmar December 31, 2012

With a little tweaking (signet of air instead of water, for example) and situational adapting, I found this build to be incredible in solo PvE as well. I have no problem at all taking on a lvl 25 mob with my lvl 20 ele twink, hell, I usually don't even take any damage at all while I slowly burn/bleed it to death.

The only drawback is the fact that taking on larger groups of enemies can be tricky (usually requires me to rely on fire attunement more, and that lacks the survivability of earth), but it's definitely a viable option for PvE as well as being a lot of fun in sPvP once you get the hang of it.

Saigon's Forum Avatar
By Saigon November 18, 2012

Why not.

It's a decent option, the cantrips are definitely better. But their cooldowns are much longer too... And maybe you're a bit too defensive with them, aren't you ? I mean, you just got no CC, and you lost the fury ( roughly 12% direct damages and burning precision )...

Takenover83's Forum Avatar
By Takenover83 November 16, 2012

I love this build. Nice and simple. I did change it a little.

I put the 10 in water instead of AIR. I added III,  Soothing Disruption (Regeneration and Vigor when using Cantrips). Then I ditched Signit Of Water, and added Cleansing Fire. IMO, Armor of Earth (also a cantrip) is better then just using the Signit Of Earth. When I need the extra armor, I pop Armor of Earth, and also receive Earth Armor, Stability, Protection, Regeneration, and Vigor. You do not get that with just Signet of Earth. The two cantrip's provide you TWO more heals. Very useful.

Damnxmage's Forum Avatar
By Damnxmage October 4, 2012

Saigon you are the man.  No BS here when I say I was really beginning to get discouraged with the builds I used up until yours.  This build offers great survivability and crazy damage, making it possible to take on any profession(s).  I open up in fire, DoT them up, switch to air for a little CC, right before going into earth and having the ability to add more DoTs and play a little defensive if need be.  I've tinkered with quite a few elementalist builds, none of which compare to the complete package this one entails.  Thank you for sharing and allowing me the opportunity to leech off of your creativity!

Fire Magic : 30 {II, V, IX}
Air Magic : 10 {I}
Earth Magic : 30 {II, V, XII}

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