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en By Saigon on July 14, 2012 5:03 PM , in pvp
Weapon Skills
Sword & Focus Greatsword
Sword of Wrath Flashing Blade Zealot's Defense Ray of Judgment Shield of Wrath Strike Whirling Wrath Symbol of Wrath Leap of Faith Binding Blade
Utility Skills
Signet of Resolve Hammer of Wisdom Sword of Justice Smite Condition Tome of Courage


This build is expected to play a Guardian based on spirit weapons. Another one?? Yeah, but it's so great! And since I madeit, it's not the same, obviously.

So I chosed the hammer and the sword for their offensive capabilities (AoE / knock back + activated AoE / knockdown), and I take neither the shield nor the arc to keep some versatility with the 3rd utility , smite condition (Given the small amount of HP Basic guardian I think it's necessary to keep some conditions removals.)


Soldier's amulet + jewel: + 923 Power + 644 Vitality + 644 Toughness
Superior rune of the warrior x 6: Vitality + 165 + 50 Toughness -1s weapon swap
Sigil of superior intelligence (100% crit chance after swap) / Sigil of superir smoldering (10% burn)
Sigil of superior intelligence (100% crit chance after swap)

We obtain the following stats:

Power: 2189
Precision: 1116
Toughness: 1560
Vitality: 1725
Attack: 3205
WeaponDamage: 1016
ConditionDamage: 200
CritChance: 13.52
CritDamage: 0
Armor: 2771
Defense: 644
HP: 18895
Healing: 0

It has a big armor, decent hp (the famous low base hp of guardian), and pretty good power.


In short, the stats are not great either defensively (high armor, but middling hp, even if the total is comfortable) or offensively (little chance of crit, no critical damage, despite power rather high).

Fortunately, there are spirit weapons!
Each of them will damage consistent with each attack, in addition to burning and the removal of benefits linked to it.
The hammer is provided with good controls since it'll knock-back at each of its attacks and it's provided with an excellent 3 seconds knock-down on order (to be chained with zealot's defense, which will deal important damage if the opponent stays in all the time); The sword on is very efficient offensively as it carries out AoE burning attacks.

It also has many options balanced between offense and defense thanks to sword / focus set (the last 4 skills are both offensive and defensive), and performance more offensive with two-handed sword.
Therefore swap regularly, especially as each change of weapon will result in a critical attack, to fit the situation: The sword / focus main purpose of keeping alive while
spirit weapons kill enemies (or cooldown), while two-handed sword is there to inflict significant damage, particularly in area, and should be used primarily when the other set of skills are on cooldowb. (Remember that the best defense is attack!)

The sword / focus will therefore aim to keep you alive against many enemies as spirit weapons take care of themselves lead the offense; But an alone opponent's offensive potential will be dramatically reduced by the incessant knock-backing hammer , so don't hesitate to use mainly two-handed sword in these cases!

Also, don't forget that even if it is really powerful while the spirit weapons are active, it is much weeker when they are disabled, it is recommended to play more defensively as long as they recharge.

In times of hardship (yes, it happens) and if the spirit weapons have still enough time, BIM! Tome of courage. While it lasts, you're almost invincible, and spirit weapon continue to beat the enemies.


Wisdom Sword and Hammer of Justice: The base of the build. Control, high damage, burn.

Smite conditions: Given the small number of guardian's hp, the conditions are quite dangerous compared to direct damage.
This skill also inflicts significant damage.

Volume of Courage: Because while it lasts, you're virtually invulnerable. And spirits weapons keep killing people.


Nothing complicated, everything is done to improve the spirit weapons.
It has +10% damage, duration +50%, -20% recharge, inflicts burns with every attack, no destruction when commanded.

The result is a very versatile build, very robust thanks to many defensive weapons skills and very dangerous due to extra damage offered by the two spirit weapons, with good support capability through the defensive skills from sword / focus and two-handed sword's light / whirl combos, and especially thanks to the elite.
It is resistant against weather conditions thanks to the diverse skills removing them (smite conditions, signet of resolution's passive, light + whirl combos) and direct damage due to the high toughness score providing a substantial armor.

If you had the courage to read so far, first of all thank you for your patience and your attention.
I am open to any criticism or comment likely to improve this build, so feel free to comment!

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Elenius's Forum Avatar
By Elenius September 10, 2012

Ah ok I didn't know that, never checked my crit numbers when I didn't skilled for crits. But in my opinion yo should use another sigil aside from that the build seems really good to me.

maybe you should also think about another condition removal, one condition every 20 seconds may be not enough (some condition builds are reeaally painfull) maybe you should think about Contemplation of Purity instead of smite condition, it has higher cd but turns ALL your conditions into boons (or is the discription here outdated and Smite condition also removes all of them? I can't log in atm :/ )

Saigon's Forum Avatar
By Saigon September 10, 2012

Even without bonus dmg, crits deals 50% more damage than normal hits.

Elenius's Forum Avatar
By Elenius September 9, 2012

I don't get why you want the sigil of intelligence 100% crit chance but you crit with 0% bonus dmg?! why don't you take the sigil which gives you might on weapon swap? 

Saigon's Forum Avatar
By Saigon August 12, 2012

Well, I guess that other guy isn't really an other guy, cause I use to post all my builds in both english and french.

Zoreification's Forum Avatar
By Zoreification August 12, 2012

yeah you kind of copyed that other guys build who I belive is, french? but then again there can only be so many combo's out there that you can make. :P

Zeal : 30 {VI, X, XI}
Radiance : 20 {V, VIII}
Virtues : 20 {I, V}

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