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5.3 (11)

Melee Mesmer - Very High DPS

en By darkace77450 on July 17, 2012 10:00 AM , in pvp
Weapon Skills
Sword & Sword Staff
Mind Slash Blurred Frenzy Illusionary Leap Illusionary Riposte Phantasmal Swordsman Winds of Chaos Phase Retreat Phantasmal Warlock Chaos Armor Chaos Storm
Utility Skills
Mantra of Recovery Mantra of Resolve Mantra of Pain Mirror Images Time Warp

A melee mesmer with very high DPS. 


Clones are not to be shattered, they are distractions and buffs.  They also cause Confusion when killed.  Each clone and each readied mantra increases your damage.  Mantras can be activated twice before needing to be recharged.  Mirror Images is a stun-breaker and a good way to buy time if you need clones and your weapon skills are on cooldown.  Time Warp allows you to unleash an incredible amount of damage in a very short amount of time.


Begin each engagement by using the staff's Chaos Armor and Chaos Storm on yourself before switching to dual swords.  Blurred Frenzy offers high damage output as well as some defense thanks to Distortion.  Illusionary Leap, Illusionary Riposte, and the Deceptive Evasion trait will generate your clones with Mirror Images serving as a stun-break with the bonus of creating more clones.  Use your three mantras as needed.


You have +300 Power, +350 Precision (when using swords), and +30 Critical Damage, +30% Condition Duration (for Confusion when your clones are killed).  The build is squishy, but the clones will help mitigate damage.


Alternative - You can use a torch in place of the staff if you would rather have the escapability offered by The Prestige instead of the short-lived boons offered by the staff.


Please leave a comment if you have any suggetions or criticisms.

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Melee Mesmer - Very High DPS

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Moyeu's Forum Avatar
By Moyeu April 13, 2013

Suggestion for level progression?

Hadit's Forum Avatar
By Hadit September 13, 2012

Mantras take a long time to cast, so you basicaly will need to spend ~10s in respawn point on any tournament. The staff skills aren't refined with traits and arent realy "defensive" - it's like: while im grouped up, ill let my pals deal the damage while i slap all with a wet noodle on safe distance. Taking the sraff only for Chaos Storm which combos with leap to get a almost permanent acces to Chaos armour is suicidal taking into account that you can't tank much damage with you current traits. To depend on the build in target swich all the time is easy mode, cause skilled ppl CAN identify the real one and mark him right away. A do or die one trick pony build. Seems lacking in a mele vs mele scenario, cause some classes burs right away without needing any preparation.

Got a similar build if you are interested:


madvicius's Forum Avatar
By madvicius August 9, 2012

This Built seems to be beastly, but as u are fighting with illusions u dont shatter, wassnt it nice to replace "balde training" with "sharper images"? Then u get a condition damage melee built. Ur Precission will be high enough in every way imho, specially with the right equipment. I am also unsure if your clone will survive long enough for enough damage. A Sigil or a trait for this might be helpfull. But as u can spam Clones with nearyl every Skill and with dodging, you might not nieed this. Not sure about this. I like your built but I would concentrate MORE on damage then you do. How about replacing "crippling dissipation" with "empowered illusions"? As u use Your clones "alive" You could benefit from this very hard.

faroth's Forum Avatar
By faroth July 22, 2012

amulets ? runes ? sigil please ?

darkace77450's Forum Avatar
By darkace77450 July 20, 2012
By Forsaker July 20, 2012

need to test it today


I'll have to see if the build survives any class changes that might be implemented today.

Domination : 30 {II, V, XI}
Dueling : 30 {IV, V, XI}
Illusions : 10 {III}

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