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Two Handed Symbol Master

en By Kenwe on July 20, 2012 7:16 AM , in pvp
Weapon Skills
Greatsword Hammer
Strike Whirling Wrath Symbol of Wrath Leap of Faith Binding Blade Hammer Swing Mighty Blow Zealot's Embrace Banish Ring of Warding
Utility Skills
Signet of Resolve Smite Condition Bane Signet Signet of Judgment Tome of Courage

Two Handed Symbol Master

The Two Handed Symbol Master is designed to take advantage of Symbol of Wrath and Symbol of Protection while still doing a good amount of damage with the Greatsword.  The build also has a bit of control thanks to the Hammer.

The idea is to stay with the Greatsword as long as you are on the offensive then switch over to the Hammer when you are in need of more control/defensive tactics.

While utilizing the Greatsword you will want to use Symbol of Wrath as much as possible.  Due to the traits I have chosen from the Honor traitline SoW will be larger and last longer as well as heal, allowing you to stay in the fight longer.  The beauty behind SoW is it will also cause burning to your foes which will in turn increase your damage delt to them by 10% thanks to the Fiery Wrath trait.  I have also selected Zealous Blade from the Zeal traitline to add healing to Greatsword attacks.  Due to the amount of +healing in this build the healing recieved from SoW and your Greatsword attacks should keep you in the thick of battle for longer periods of time.

If you are dealing with a foe that is giving you trouble this is when you will want to switch to the hammer and utilize it's abilites to keep your foe off balance with skills such as Banish to knockback your foe and Zealot's Embrace to immobilize foes.  Ring of Warding is a great utility skill in that it can be used as both a defensive ability against melee classes as well as way to trap foes inside with you so that you can bash them with your hammer.  If used properly it can even be used for simple area denial.  Symbol of Protection will also add to your defense while weilding the hammer as it will give both protection and healing.

For utility skills I have chosen Signet of resolve for the heal and condition removal.  Smite condition for further condition removal and a bit of added damage. Signet of judgment to reduce some incoming damage and finally Bane signet which adds more power to this build allowing you to hit harder but it also adds a knockdown to give the build a bit more control when it needs it.

Amulet + Jewel: Cleric's + Soldier's: 694 power | 644 toughness | 789 healing | 75 vitality

Runes: 6 x Rune of the Forge: 165 toughness | at 50% health you gain protection for 10s and burn all nearby foes. (cooldown: 60s) | +20% protection duration | +15% burning duration

Sigil Greatsword: Sigil of Superior Smoldering: When you apply burning it last 10% longer

Sigil Hammer: Sigil of Superior Battle: You gain 3 stacks of might for 20s when you swap to this weapon while in combat

Final Stats:

Power :1910
Precision :1016
Toughness :1725
Vitality :1291
Attack :3027
Armor :2997
Defense :809
HP :14555
Healing :1098

So this is my take on a build that allows for a good amount of damage from the greatsword with the added utility and support of the larger, longer lasting symbols that also add healing.  If you have any suggestions please leave a comment and don't forget to rate the build thanks.  If you get a chance you might want to take a look at my other builds.

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Two Handed Symbol Master

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xpe89's Forum Avatar
By xpe89 August 8, 2012

I would use this in pve because the symbols are kind of obvious to evade, and i would put more hp because for me this is more like a tanky build.

1G86's Forum Avatar
By 1G86 August 1, 2012

I should add that reliance on SoW taking effect at 25% health is a bit of a risk as well. Just saying.

1G86's Forum Avatar
By 1G86 August 1, 2012

Replace Fiery Wrath for something else, methinks. I'm not very sure how long the Burning effect lasts when it is inflicted by Virtue of Justice. I wouldn't count on the 50% chance of Burning Foes that comes with your Rune selection. Otherwise this is pretty good, yeah.

Andronikos's Forum Avatar
By Andronikos July 28, 2012

So I tired this build out on the last beta weekend and it was great.  The only thing I noticed though if Ring of Warding didn't always lock them in.  I also noticed that I would get kited at times and could not always close the gap, to allievate this I added Judge's Intervention instead which worked out well...

Zeal : 30 {II, VII, XII}
Radiance : 10 {II}
Honor : 30 {III, VII, X}

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