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Blood-Well Necro

en By Carrioncrow on June 12, 2012 2:37 AM , in pvp
Weapon Skills
Staff Axe & Dagger
Necrotic Grasp Mark of Blood Chilblains Putrid Mark Reaper's Mark Rending Claws Ghastly Claws Unholy Feast Deathly Swarm Enfeebling Blood
Utility Skills
Well of Blood Well of Darkness Well of Power Well of Corruption Lich Form

Runes of the Vampire

Sigils of Bleed, Frost

Aumlet of the Berserker


First off I absolutly love the Dagger / Dagger combo, but I honestly couldn't get it to work.  That dagger's primary attack was the cat's meow if you could get it to go off and the 3rd link skill in the auto attack was a instant 3k crit.  But as mentioned trying to get it off was beyond difficult and I ended up just wasting time (and life) trying to get it to work.

So instead I switched it out to an Axe / dagger.

There is a video below of a slightly different build of necro before I realy refined it into what this build is today.

Basicly this build is an attempt to get the Wells / Life siphon to work in my favor.  It can be a defensive powerhouse with some sharp teeth.

There are some flaws in the design but that is mostly because of actual bugs in the game.  For instance well of Darkness applies Blind, which due to traits cause's confusion.  Confusion in BWE1 hit for like 900-1400 depending on your build.  

This build the average damage by confusion is around 90.  I don't know if it is strictly necro related or what but it was dismal.

I expect this build to be very viable once the kinks get worked out.


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Blood-Well Necro

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Spite : 10 {VI}
Curses : 20 {III, IX}
Death Magic : 10 {IV}
Blood Magic : 30 {V, VIII, XII}

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