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7.3 (42)

Boons Support / Survival

en By TweFoju on August 3, 2012 10:09 AM , in pve
Weapon Skills
Mace & Shield Staff
True Strike Symbol of Faith Protector's Strike Shield of Judgment Shield of Absorption Wave of Wrath Orb of Light Symbol of Swiftness Empower Line of Warding
Utility Skills
Healing Breeze "Hold the Line!" "Stand Your Ground!" "Retreat!" Tome of Courage

As title says, this will be mainly a Boon supportive build, This build would only work if you use the Altruistic Healing Traits on Valor, as it heals you everytime you apply Boons to allies.

so i will go with the utilities that have the most boons so i will be constantly self healed while giving out boons, thus, having a good survival while supporting. note that i don't care about my outgoing damage at all here, all i care is that my allies are well fed with Boons and me.. being alive.



I will use Mace and Shield Combo, as Mace itself give 2 boons and Shield gives 1 = 3

also giving me extra Armor for the defense purposes.


then my 2nd set will be Staff, self explanatory, for the Swiftness Boon and Might (Empower) which gives more boons options.



For the Healing, i will use Healing Breeze as i think it's the most powerful heal for you and your allies.



Now here is where it gets fun, i use all slots for the Shouts, yes, they are the best skills for this build, Hold The Line, Stand Your Ground, Retreat, it gives a total of another 5 Boons there that i can apply.



Tome of Courage, giving extra arsenals for healing / boons ( another 2 boons ).


Trait Notes:

As you know, as of the latest change, they changed Courageous (Virtues IV) to Retaliatiatory Subconscious, which gives you Retaliation for 3 seconds whenever you are Dazed, Knock Down, Knock Back, Stun or Feared, instead of the Courageous that lowers the trigger for your Virtues of Courage passive Aegis

so Retaliatiatory Subconscious is what i will be using for the Virtues Trait.




if my understanding of this is correct, i will have almost every of my skills giving myself a heal, to be precise, i will have a total of 13 Boons to give out in 1 rotation, which is pretty insane with Altruistic Healing Traits

Also, i have used Pure of Voice to remove conditions everytime my allies get my shouts, which is really really useful in any situations ( DEs, Dungeons, WvW ) , so not only that i can give boons, also with the Shout build, i can even take out Conditions from my allies, the perfect support role, IMO.

With this build, i pretty much have every single Boons in the game that i can offer to my allies, which is pretty neat.



This is a build for a group play mostly for PvE, WvW, Dungeons, and it's main function is to make your group/allies get awesome.



to make this build better, you will have to use Superior Rune of The Water

because it gives you +15% boons Duration + other healing bonuses and remove condition when hit

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Boons Support / Survival

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Purogatorium's Forum Avatar
By Purogatorium January 24, 2013

For stats, i would personally have healing power primary on all pieces, and toughness/vitality split, the other stat should be power or precision, depending on which is easier to get, considering you're focusing on support/healing more than doing damage.

I run a very similar build, except my build is 0-0-30-20-20

Valor: IV, IX, XI
Honor: II, X
Virtues: VI, IX

Focused around Altruistic Healing, symbols heal allies (mace symbol, staff symbol) symbols are larger (larger area, more allies) and concecrations recharging faster (wall of reflection VERY IMPORTANT), virtue of resolve removes 3 conditions and the passive effect is stronger, allies 70 toughness, 90 toughness with a shield 20% shield skill recharge.

nitefire's Forum Avatar
By nitefire November 13, 2012

whats stats do u focus on for armor?? i was thinking of using this for leveling


nitefire's Forum Avatar
By nitefire October 26, 2012

im only  level 25 what stats should i look for armor/weapons?

Akiabara's Forum Avatar
By Akiabara October 24, 2012

Great build! Saved me many times!

lollyluna's Forum Avatar
By lollyluna September 28, 2012

All i have to say is i dont die hahaha. What armours do you suggust?

Valor : 30 {V, IX, XI}
Honor : 30 {II, VII, XI}
Virtues : 10 {IV}
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