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Special tactics - Guardian

en By SuperB on August 3, 2012 12:57 PM , in gvg
Weapon Skills
Staff Hammer
Wave of Wrath Orb of Light Symbol of Swiftness Empower Line of Warding Hammer Swing Mighty Blow Zealot's Embrace Banish Ring of Warding
Utility Skills
Healing Breeze Sanctuary "Hold the Line!" "Stand Your Ground!" Tome of Courage

A guardian build aiming to win larger fights, for example 3v3's. 

Not quite sure if it's viable in comp. 5v5 GvG matches. But in theory: If team is able to succeed different kind of tactics to force enemies to fight them in bigger groups, instead of 1v1 or 2v2 fights, this kind of guardian could be a key to victory. 


How I see this build working: Coordinating with teammates, they could force enemies to position away from them by using AoE spells, pushback skills etc... Then ball up inside of Ring of Warding or Sanctuary and use AoE heals and buffs. After that taking enemies down with full health and lot of buffs shouldn't be so hard. 

This kind of tactic needs lot of practise, first of all to capture points and act in a way that enemies are forced to fight in groups, and secondly to execute the big group AoE heals, buffing etc. And ofC everyone needs to have correct build that is suited for this. 

Sounds complicated but completely possible to do, the idea is still pretty simple.

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Special tactics - Guardian

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